Washington community college impact study

The Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) partnered with Economic Modeling Specialists International (Emsi) to quantify its community college system’s direct and indirect impacts on the local economy. The results of the report were encouraging but difficult to comprehend to the general public.

SBCTC partnered with Recraft to develop a series of videos explaining the impact study and illustrating the benefits brought to Washington communities and businesses. Recraft produced a 90-second general overview video detailing the impact study, plus a series of 30-second TV spots focusing on specific industry benefits.

WSU “Big Ideas” campaign

Washington State University launched the public phase of its $1 billion capital campaign during the depths of the Great Recession of the late 2000s, immediately following several rounds of downsizing its in-house marketing communications team. After the previous consulting partner firm parted ways, the Recraft team was tasked with ideating an original visual pattern and message for the campaign’s existing tagline: The World Needs Big Ideas.

The results were the “Wave the Flag” campaign seen here: by associating the Washington State banner with geographically-dispersed landmarks, the campaign highlighted the institution’s real-world impact on every region of the state of Washington.

By its conclusion in 2015, the campaign inspired thousands of new gifts totaling $1.065 billion.

What I do at WSU

Sometimes a lighthearted approach is the best way to make a first impression.

This project dovetailed off the 2012 “What I do” meme, contrasting six different caricatures of student life. The video was played to an audience of mostly 18-20-year-olds during University Convocation. It caused the university president to nearly fall off his chair in laughter the first time he saw it.

National Community College Impact Study

The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) commissioned Economic Modeling Specialists International (Emsi) to quantify the impact of a student’s education on their earning potential, as well as the rate of return on the taxpayer’s investment.

The Recraft team conceived the concept and narrative of the video, plus produced the motion graphics and infographics of the piece.

Campaign for Logos School

Logos School in Moscow, ID has the distinction of being one of the pioneers in the Classical Christian school movement. Today, hundreds of like-minded schools around the world look to Logos as a thought leader and resource hub for curriculum and teacher training.

When Logos began fundraising for its new campus in 2016, a purposefully external advancement tone was called for. Rather than focusing solely on the school’s local impact, Recraft conceived of a sweeping visual metaphor: a fertile wheat field, overflowing with abundance and exporting its bounty en mass to the world.

San Bernardino impact study

San Bernardino Collumity College District (SBCCD) encompasses two major colleges in the Inland Empire, plus several training centers and a TV station. SBCCD contracted with Recraft to help reinvigorate its image with the public by illustrating the real-world benefit they bring to the local economy.

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