California Workforce Association

The California Workforce Association partnered with Recraft Creative on various marketing initiatives, including collateral design and promotional video production.

The Fellowship Network

The Fellowship Network (formerly the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International) is a ministerial association founded in 1962 by Rev. Gordon Lindsay. It emphasizes equipping and tax covering for thousands of independent churches, nonprofit organizations, and ministers around the world.

The Fellowship partnered with Recraft to modernize their internal membership management system while improving their public-facing web presence. Since 2017, Recraft has launched an online membership portal, produced over 100 hours of original content, and seen digital engagement increase by 250%.

Prison Fellowship International

Prison Fellowship International (PFI) operates an extensive network of overseas ministries that directly serve incarcerated individuals and their loved ones. PFI’s innovative approach to helping the often-overlooked children of prisoners worldwide has impacted the lives of thousands of vulnerable young people every year.

PFI partnered with The Fellowship Network to encourage local support of the ministry through a one-on-one sponsorship program. This pioneering approach required local buy-in from congregations to raise support.

Recraft collaborated with a team of U.S.-based advocates to create marketing materials in print, online, and video.

Highways in the Wilderness

The Fellowship Network (TFN) is a ministerial association designed to provide best practices and tax covering to ministers, churches, and nonprofits. The network needed a conference opener video to kick off its annual gathering in 2019. The meeting was attended by a mix of established and new members, calling for a rallying theme that would honor the past while looking towards the future.

“Highways in the Wilderness” is a biblical concept that speaks to the ministry’s pioneering history and preparing a way for greater things to come. The striking view of a two-lane road cut out of solid rock in an endless field of lava provided the perfect image of the metaphor.

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