Pullman Regional Hospital

Pullman Regional Hospital (PRH) is a robust critical access hospital serving the Inland Northwest (Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho). PRH has collaborated with Recraft to create compelling creative content such as fundraising campaigns, COVID resources, surgery pre-op videos, employee recruitment and retention, and strategic community relations.

HFMA Washington/Alaska

The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) brings working professionals and industry leaders together to support collaboration and best practices across the healthcare industry. The Washington/Alaska chapter of HFMA partnered with Recraft to enhance the visibility of their online and in-person events, manage the live streaming and videoconferencing of their gatherings, and provide high-quality creative assets to promote involvement in the chapter.

Big ideas for Health

Washington State University chose “Big Ideas for Health” as one of its five core messages for its 2010-2015 capital campaign. However, the university was lacking a formal medical program at the time, forcing the messaging to take on a research and industry focus.

The Recraft team spent several months cultivating the connections between scientists and industry partners to deliver this feature video. The project illustrated the link between applied science in the lab and public safety in the real world, forwarding the institution’s advancement goals and helping to meet its $1 billion fundraising goal.

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